Techno Guest Set – April 28th

The radio show „Substream“ is scheduled in a cycle of two weeks. That is because of a rotation of that time slot every week. The first and third Wednesday you can listen to the show „My House Is My Castle“ played live by P.S. Castle. Sometimes we are switching the shows to support the absence of each other. But this time I was playing a Guest set at P.S. Castles Techno radioshow „My Space“ that you can listen every last Friday of a month.
I liked the chance to play some Techno tracks for the audience and hope you enjoyed as well.

01 Umek – Promise Land (Original Mix)
02 Monika Kruse meets Pig&Dan – Oblivion (Terminal M)
03 Pele & Shawnecy – Sixtynine (Terminal M)
04 Egal 3 – Titlu Poveste
05 Mike Dehnert – Teilfolge
06 Anna – Where Are You Now (Terminal M)
07 Hennon – Ear To Mouth
08 Shed – Warped mind
09 Maksim Dark – Basserwiser
10 Celeda – The Underground (Layton Giordani Remix)
11 Gregor Tresher & Petar Dundov – Sphinx
12 Thomas Schumacher – Wake Up (Electric Ballroom)
13 Jon Hopkins – Singularity (ANNA Remix)
14 Patrik Berg ft. Matt Sassari – Discovery